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Relative Insanity Review

Quick Look:

"You don't have the stupidest family in the world, you don't have the goofiest family in the world. And if you ever need to verify that, all you have to do is go to a state fair. Five minutes at a fair, you'll be going, 'You know what? We're all right. We're dang near royalty!'" – Jeff Foxworthy

Designer: N/A
Artist: N/A
Publisher: PlayMonster
Year Published: 2017
No. of Players: 4-12
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 30-90 minutes

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Rules and Setup:

Relative Insanity is a card game based on the works of Jeff Foxworthy and is a fun, family friendly game for ages 14 and up. The game consists of two sets of cards, the Setup cards (red) and the Punchline cards (yellow). Setting up the game is very easy. Shuffle each deck of cards independent of each other, deal each player seven of the Punchline cards, and decide who goes first. That person will then pick one of the Setup cards, and the game begins!

The player who has the Setup card reads the card so everyone playing hears it, and each player chooses the Punchline card in their hand that they feel is funniest and puts it in front of the person who read the Setup card. After everyone has chosen their card, the person shuffles all the Punchline cards and reads the Setup card followed by the Punchline cards. That person will pick the funniest one, and whoever placed that card will win the Setup card. Everyone who played a Punchline card then draws one card back to their hand, and the next person on the left starts the next round. First person that wins five rounds wins the game!

Theme and Mechanics:

The game mechanics are very easy and familiar, as one person will be reading the Setup card, allowing the other players to play their Punchline. Pick the funniest one, then draw and play again!

Thematically, the game does match heavily with the name and text of the cards, that being your relatives. All of the Setup cards contain reference to a type of family member (brother, aunt, uncle, cousins, father, grandparents, etc) and are appropriate to the Jeff Foxworthy levels of humor.

Game Play:

Gameplay for Relative Insanity is fast and furious, filled with laughter and lots of interaction between all the players. You’ll find that some folks will even argue that certain cards are funnier than others and should be picked.

Depending on the type and number of people playing, this can take as little as 30 minutes or run up to 90 minutes in length.

Artwork and Components:

The game does not contain any artwork, and the cards are framed in either red (for the Setup cards) or yellow (for the Punchline cards).

The cards are all a little narrower than standard poker-size cards, and they're made of a good stock. With a good finish on them, and a coating that can resist some moisture (in case some liquid spills on it), you won’t be disappointed in the cards.

The Good:

Relative Insanity is incredibly easy to learn and play, and it will have people laughing at the answers being given. With 100 different Setup cards and 400 Punchline cards available in the box, you will be replaying this multiple times and getting different questions and answers in every single game!

The Bad:

If you are looking for a "You might be a redneck..."-style game, this is not the game you are looking for. The cards' humor is aimed at families, but it tries to be more generic with its humor and less of what we would expect with the Foxworthy name associated with it.

Final Thoughts:

Relative Insanity falls into the party-game category based on its mechanics and theme, but it falls a bit short based on expectations built up around the Foxworthy name on its cover. While there are a large number of games out there that play like this one, the expectation of a more ‘redneck’ version of the game with more situations and answers make the expectation of this game higher than what was delivered. That being said, with the right crowd, this game is a fun romp in situational comedy using the Setup and Punchline cards! For those who have family and want to play it with young adults and older family members, this game fits right in that crowd and allows for them all to have fun together!

Players Who Like:

Light humor, party games, card games.

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