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Vampires Vs Unicorns Review

Quick Look:

Designer: Jim DuBois and Attaboy
Publisher: Yumfactory
Year Published:  2017
No. of Players: 2
Ages: 7+
Playing Time: 10-20 minutes

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Rules and Setup:
Setup takes about two minutes, and half of that is shuffling cards.

Separate the floor tiles into Vampires and Unicorns, then place each faction's tiles on the floor, in a pyramid shape as specified in the rulebook. Each player takes one of the decks of cards and shuffles them. Lock the cat in another room unless you want to play the catpocolypse variant.

I liked the catpocolypse variant, but several components were mauled. :(

It should look something like this.

The book actually mentions the feline affinity for this game. Lana immediately sided with the Unicorns. She proved a formidable foe, completely immune to card effects and able to take down the entire Vamp army with a single pounce.

Once both players have taken their positions behind their castle tiles, play can begin.

Theme and Mechanics:
The theme is simply that Vampires and Unicorns hate each other. You command an army. Do your best to destroy your opponent's defenses and reduce their castle to rubble.

VvU is a dexterity game where you throw playing cards at your opponent's tiles in order to eliminate them. Each faction has various types of cards ranging from your basic (throw one card, and your turn is over) to ones that allow you to throw cards until you miss, or throw multiples at the same time, or pick up errant cars and throw them again. The only difference is the card art and the number of cards you throw on your turn.

When a card lands on an opponent's tile/s on the first row, even partially, the tile is removed. The second row takes two hits, flipping after the first. Unless all its defenses have been removed, a card must land completely on the Castle tile to remove it.

A player wins by eliminating all their opponent's tiles.

Game Play:
You toss cards so they land on your opponent's tiles. It's really hard to aim playing cards. If you've spent a lot of time tossing cards at targets, this is the game you've been waiting for to finally legitimize your skill.

Unless you have a cat.

This is going to happen over and over until you lock them away.

Nobody I've played with so far has any aptitude for aiming cards. You're not throwing them that far. Chance should make at least one-out-of-four hit, but it's like the cards veer away on purpose. Like paper airplanes, there's a trick to it. I assume. I haven't figured it out yet, but this site claims to teach you how to use playing cards as weapons. It might be a good place to start.

Artwork and Components:

I love the art in this game. I've been a fan of both these guys for years.

The detail and depth of Travis Louie's work is staggering.

Travis Lampe's adorable hellscapes are a hybrid of Hyronimous Bosch and Betty Boop. I don't know how anybody could not love that.

If you like the art, this is definitely worth getting. It's a fantastic print set. The tiles are nice and thick with excellent print quality. The cards are high quality with a linen finish and custom tuck boxes that fit perfectly in a nook at the bottom. The tiles fit snugly in the compartment so that everything is held safely in place. There's just enough padding to protect the components without taking up extra shelf space.

The Good:
It's a good time.
Great for parties or playing with non-gamers.
Simple to teach.
Pairs well with alcohol.
Beautiful art.
High-quality components.
If you don't like the game, you still get cool art.
You can even play with your pets.

The Bad:
It's all dexterity and luck.
It requires about ten square feet of space to play.
It's really hard to hit your target.
Animals will destroy the components if you aren't careful.
Cleanup means picking two full decks up off the floor. You may want to have a gullible child handy for a quick game of 104 Card Pickup.

Final Thoughts:
This is pretty fun in the right environment. I have no dexterity, so it's fun to play a Dex game where everyone is as bad as me. VvU feels like a cool print set that can be played as a game. If you like the art, this is a great value. If you were buying the art as individual prints, they would be at least $50 a piece. Here you get 14 for $35. It's a glorious Kickstarter achievement making something this odd this cheap.

Note: the Catpocolypse variant is just my term for playing this with a cat around. Feel free to try dogpocalypse, ferretpocolypse, beepocolypse, etc. for a different gaming experience. Each individual animal is an expansion to the game!

Players Who Like:
Light dexterity games that make failing fun.
Dark humor and artwork.

Check out Vampires Vs Unicorns: Floor War on:

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