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Kickstarter Recap April 13, 2018


Kingdoms Lawn Game    
Designers: Dennis A Weston   
Artists: N/A    
Publisher: Arthurs, LLC       
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 2 to 16
Ages: 7+
Playing Time: 15 to 20 mins

Kingdoms Lawn Game is fantasy themed outdoor game similar to Horseshoes and Kubb, with the goal being to eliminate the other players castles. It can be played on any outdoor surface area large enough to accommodate the layout. Players young and old can enjoy this quick game while basking the beautiful sunshine.

Players take on the role of a fantasy kingdom which has its own unique abilities and will use balls (which are known as armies) to knock over blocks (known as castles) while staying behind a designated throwing line. Players will have to forge alliances or make deals which of course can be broken later!  The player or teams who are left standing are the victors!

Kingdoms Lawn Game is on is on KICKSTARTER between now and April 24, 2018 and has a funding goal of $60,000.

Reign of Terror: The Protoan  
Designers: Jesse Bergman and John Kimmel  
Artists: Justine Cruz, Phillip Dudek, Artun Gokcen,
John Kimmel, Ascary Lazos, Ceasar "Wizyakuza" Muyuela,
Chunli Thien Nguyen, Thong Nguyen, Garrett Post, and
Brian "Tots" Valerz     
Publisher: Punch-It Entertainment      
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 2+
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 20 to 30 mins

Reign of Terror: The Protoan is a new faction that is fully playable for the Battle of Sularia card game and works as a stand alone game as well.

The Protoan comes with a starter deck along with additional cards to help you customize your deck to fit your play style.  Going off of the previous game, Battle for Sularia, The Protoan takes elements from Magic: The Gathering and the original VS system merging a point cost system found in war games that use deck construction.   

The Protoan is an expandable but non-collectible card game.  Each set includes four copies of every card to ensure players will have a great deal of replay-ability.

Reign of Terror: The Protoan is on is on KICKSTARTER between now and April 20, 2018 and has a funding goal of $9,975.


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Reign of Terror
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