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Battle for Sularia: Reign of Terror Expansion Kickstarter Preview

Quick Look:

Designers: Jesse Bergman and John Kimmel
Publisher: Punch-It Entertainment
Year Published: 2018
No. of Players: 2+
Playing Time: 20-30 minutes

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WARNING: This is a preview of the newest Battle for Sularia expansion, Reign of Terror. All components and rules are prototype and subject to change.

As war rages between the Jotune and Synthien, a new threat writhes just under the planet's surface. The Protoan, created to be a biological weapon that could aggressively spread infection, disappeared before the Fracture and were thought to be gone forever. However, they have been breeding underground for hundreds of years, evolving well past their original design. Now, they threaten all of Sularia...

While The Battle Begins introduced us to the Jotune, the Synthien, and the Mercenary factions, Reign of Terror brings a terrifying alien-like race to the table. This faction also introduces new keywords, abilities, and a deeper look into Sularia's history.

A thick stack of cards, ripe for battle.


Rules and Setup:

My comprehensive review of the rules and setup for Battle for Sularia can be found here. As a quick synopsis, rounds are composed of nine phases: Reset, Draw, Influence, Site, Sularium, Combatant, Attack, Discard, and End. Throughout the game, players will place sites and combatants in an attempt to eliminate their enemy while protecting themselves. Carefully balancing your influence and sularium generation, while also building a strong offense and defense, is the key to victory.

Reign of Terror is a stand-alone expansion, meaning that while its ruleset is the same, you don't necessarily need a copy of the core game to play. In fact, Reign of Terror has enough cards for up to two players, depending on how you choose to play.

Theme and Mechanics:

The first part of the Reign of Terror expansion introduces the Protoan to the world of Sularia. Taking yet another cue from sci-fi, these creatures are very reminiscent of aliens from across the genre, swarming the battlefield and devouring everything in their path. The artwork on the cards brings to mind the Zerg race from Starcraft, or the monsters from Evolve. Needless to say, you wouldn't want to find yourself cornered by one in a dark alleyway.

So beautiful, and so terrifying, all at once.

Reign of Terror also introduces new keywords (Challenge, and Hardened, and Virus) and a new characteristic, Token. Challenge allows combatants to select other combatants to try and defend against them, while Virus provides bonuses to Protoan combatants and penalties to their enemies. Hardened is only used on one site, Carapace Dome, but it prevents other sites from being attacked if it is placed on the front line. The new Token characteristic is unique, as Token combatants have no cost to play, are only played when another card calls for them, and most importantly, have no maximum for how many can be active at once. While Tokens may have little attack and defense, your enemy can find themselves overwhelmed by such a large number of combatants.

They're... they're multiplying!

Game Play:

In our initial game, we pitted the Jotune against the Protoan to see which side would stand triumphant. While I was worried that the Jotune would wipe the floor due to their legions of fighters with Flight, it turned out that the Protoan counteracted this deficit really well. Their ability to Challenge meant that the Jotune were forced to defend, and the ability of Token combatants to multiply quickly left the Jotune scrambling to eliminate the multitude of enemies. One of the Protoan Condition cards, Rite of Domination, turned out to be ruthless when left unattended, as it allowed Protoan combatants to fight one another and leave the victor stronger than ever. Once the mythical beast Skobn entered the battlefield, it seemed that the Jotune had finally met their match...

Some sites provide additional defense, while others can even allow more Token cards to be placed.

Artwork and Components:

Similar to the core game, Reign of Terror uses several different artists, each bringing their own design and unique flavor to the Protoan while keeping enough consistency to make them feel connected. And, just like the core box, the artwork is gorgeous.

Two of the stronger Protoan combatants you'll have to face. Parasitex can get awfully powerful if left alone.

All told, the expansion includes 108 cards in total: 100 Protoan faction cards (25 unique cards, four copies of each), four Protoan Token cards (though you can get more as an add-on), and four copies of a new Mercenary combatant. It also includes a quick rules reference guide that details the new keywords and characteristic. The card quality matches that of the core box.

The owner of Crazy Joe's Explosives makes his Battle for Sularia debut!

The Good:

Reign of Terror brings an interesting new play style to the Battle for Sularia universe with a faction that prefers overwhelming force to subterfuge. The artwork is worthy of the beasts it embodies, and the new abilities will require players to modify their strategies, adding even more replayability to the game.

The Bad:

Honestly, there's not much of anything that the expansion doesn't do well. I suppose the only thing would be that it might be difficult to justify adding anyone from the Mercenary faction into the Protoan deck. It's not like all-consuming monsters to hire mercs to get the job done.

Final Thoughts:

I look forward to seeing how the second half of the Reign of Terror brings to the table. Keep an eye out for my review of the next faction: Exsularian!

Players Who Like:

Those who enjoyed the core Battle for Sularia game, Magic: The Gathering, or similar battle card games will likely find Reign of Terror to be a welcome addition.

Check out Battle fir Sularia: Reign of Terror on:

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Reign of Terror can be pre-ordered HERE and HERE.

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Battle for Sularia: Reign of Terror Expansion Kickstarter Preview Battle for Sularia: Reign of Terror Expansion Kickstarter Preview Reviewed by David J. on March 30, 2018 Rating: 5

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