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Oh Cluck! Kickstarter Preview

Quick Look:

Designer: Jeff Bookman
Artist: Raymond Warren
Publisher: Foolish Media LLC
Year Published:  2018
No. of Players: 2-6
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 30-60 minutes

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WARNING: This is a preview of Oh Cluck!. All components and rules are prototype and subject to change.


Rules and Setup:
Oh Cluck! is a game where you are working to eliminate your opponents’ roosters while protecting your own, with the end-game happening when a total of at least 12 points has been reached. The rules of the game are very simple: on your turn, play cards trying to do enough damage to your opponents’ rooster to score the point value of it. At the same time, try to keep yours alive by countering, dodging, or switching cards with your opponents! Using 2 decks (distinguished by different color card backs), each player will have a ‘coop’ of animals available, and a handful of cards.

Setup of the game is very simple. With the game supporting between 2-6 players, you will deal each player 5 cards from the action deck (cards with blue backs) then between 3-6 cards from the rooster deck (cards with green backs) after shuffling each deck. Each player will select one of the roosters to start the game with, and the remaining cards are set aside (those cards are now called the coop). Determine first player, then start!

On your turn, you will play cards attempting to do damage to an opponent. Depending on the type of card used, your opponent may have cards to dodge your attack and avoid damage, or take the damage and then change what happens (move the card to another player and take theirs, take the points you would have won, take cards from your hand, etc). After a card is played, the person who plays the card then draw a replacement card, and play continues. At the end of the turn, after all the combat and tricks have been played, each player will draw back up to their maximum hand size of 5 cards.

First player to reach 12 points wins the game!

Theme and Mechanics:
Theming for Oh Cluck! is around the concept of a barnyard with multiple coops for your roosters. Each player represent a coop with their roosters, and you are playing cards with either attack, defense, or special abilities impacting the play.

Mechanically, the game is solid, though by having more non-attack cards than cards to do damage, you will find more turns going by very quickly and not a lot of damage making it through. Additionally, each rooster also has a one-time ability printed on it that can also change any action that is happening.

Game Play:
Game play moves along, allowing for you to start the attack process on another players rooster. The player defends against, whether in negating any damage, or in manipulating the results after damage has been dealt. Each player draws a replacement card from the deck after they play a card, and if for some reason a player has less than the starting hand size of 5, they draw back up to 5 at the end of the round. You also have the ability to declare a mulligan on your turn instead of attacking, where you discard all your cards in hand and draw back up to 5 cards.

With abilities on the roosters being a single-use, though, you have some additional ways to manipulate the game play. You have cards like Clubber, who allows you to take a card from another player and increase your hand size to 6, Skipper who allows for 2 attacks versus 1, and Pollo Loco that ends your turn but makes him immune to targeting until your next turn.

Artwork and Components:
Artwork for the cards are good, and, as expected, have a cartoon look to them. Each rooster has unique artwork that goes along with the name and abilities printed on the card, while the attacks/defense cards come in small sets with the same artwork on each set.

Card stock is decent, and holds up well even with some rough shuffling. Just a bit of whiting started to show on the cards after over 10 games played, even with the prototype. Text printed is easily readable on the cards, and can be understood by the younger players.

The Good:
Oh Cluck! is a lighter game that can be played with the family and young (8+) children who will enjoy it. With light banter, lots of interaction between the players, and not a lot of text, people will be willing to replay this game repeatedly. Very easy to learn, with bright and colorful artwork, this will catch people's eyes as they walk by and see it being played.

The Bad:
Having more cards to negate, cancel, or modify the results of combat does seem to slow this game down a bit, and makes what could be a 10-15 minute game go much longer.

Final Thoughts:
Oh Cluck! is a fun game that is very easy to learn, bright and colorful, and allows for a lot of interaction between the players. If you have a group who like the ‘take-that’ approach and trying to whittle their opponents down in points, this will be a great game to add to your rotation schedule!

Players Who Like:
Kids 8+, groups that like to interact with the other players directly, and families looking for a lighter game.

I am giving Oh Cluck! 6 out of 10 super meeples.

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Oh Cluck! is on KICKSTARTER between now and February 24, 2018

About the Author:

Delton Perez is a FLGS owner with 2 locations in Puerto Rico. Originally from Boston, he currently lives in the wilds of Ohio, where he currently resides with his family. By day, he is a Retail Consultant working in New York in the Fashion Industry, but by night, meeples, dice, and cardboard take over. Delton also runs a gaming organization based in Northeast Ohio that focuses on running game nights at Libraries, Schools, and Churches on a scheduled, monthly basis. At times, Delton has even been able to sleep, though proof has yet to be found.
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