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New Game Giveaways - November 3, 2017

Board Game Spotlight Flip Ships Giveaway! Ends November 6, 2017

Greater Than Games Legends of Sleepy Hollow Giveaway! Ends November 7, 2017

ChiTAG's Hot New Toy Giveaway! Ends November 9, 2017

Space Cowboys New Unlock Scenario Giveaway! Ends November 9, 2017

Board Game Revolution 3 Custom Folded Space Inserts Giveaway! Ends November 19, 2017

Life of a Board Gamer November Giveaway! Ends November 20, 2017

Crazier Eights Camelot Giveaway! Ends November 23, 2017

Board Game Revolution Soldier Pledge for Folklore: The Affliction Giveaway! Ends November 26, 2017

SAHM Atari Centipede Board Game Giveaway! End December 1, 2017

The Giveaway Geek Shadow Strike Melee Caricature Giveaway! Ends December 1, 2017

Beasts of War Chain of Command Bundle Giveaway! Ends Unknown

Beasts of War Joan of Arc Dragon Giveaway! Ends Unknown

Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators or Henchman: The Game Giveaway! Ends Unknown

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