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Dead Sprint Spotlight

Dead Sprint from Rabble Games Studio is a modular board game for 2-5 players and can be played in 20-45 minutes. Every player is a survivor in a dilapidated hospital being forced to run from an unstoppable horde of the undead. Your objective is to find and reach the exit first or be the last person left alive, while also avoiding obstacles, fighting special types of undead and ensuring you’re ahead of everyone else.

The game has special types of undead with unique characteristics, the Crawler will take up 2 spaces, the Brute has double the health of other undead, and the ‘Sploder will explode when attacked damaging every player on a space next to it.

Every player will receive action cards they can draw and use per turn, actions that aid in surviving zombie attacks, or screwing your fellow survivor by slowing them down to get them eaten while you pull ahead. Players will also receive tokens for health and weapons that aid in attacks.

Players must decide to navigate through or around undead risking the chance that the unstoppable horde will catch up quickly, because with every undead left behind the horde will add it to their collective and gain an additional move.

Dead Sprint is on KICKSTARTER between now and November 26, 2017.
Dead Sprint Spotlight Dead Sprint Spotlight Reviewed by Dane Trimble on November 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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