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Dawn of Peacemakers Spotlight

In Dawn of Peacemakers, you are an adventurer trying to achieve a peaceful conclusion between two warring sides together with your fellow players. Your objective is to co-operatively lower the motivations of the scarlet macaws' side and the ocelots' side in balance and thus exhaust both sides, making them negotiate a truce.

The game's scenarios are played in rounds. Each round consists of player activity and army resolution. First, all adventurers use resource cards for various effects such as influencing armies, moving around, and scheming.

After all adventurers have played their turns, the armies will resolve their orders. Each army has different tactics and tricks in their arsenal in each scenario.

Both the scarlet macaws and the ocelots have a motivation to continue the war. A side's motivation is lowered by certain order cards and by losing units. If both sides are just close enough to giving up, the sides negotiate a truce and the players win! However, if one side's motivation drops too much, they surrender and players lose.

No matter how the scenario ended, players track their progress on the campaign log and always continue to the next one. Keep in mind that your acts have long lasting results on the ongoing war.

Dawn of Peacemakers is on KICKSTARTER between now and December 2, 2017.

Dawn of Peacemakers Spotlight Dawn of Peacemakers Spotlight Reviewed by Brody Sheard on November 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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