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Medieval Kickstarter Spotlight

Wage war, unleash the plague, excommunicate the unworthy, and drive back the Mongol hordes.

Medieval, from HGN Games, is a strategy board game designed for 3-5 players and plays in less than two hours. You are the head of a cabal—bent on controlling provinces, kingdoms, and of the Medieval world through skulduggery and outright conquest. The object? Spread your influence by controlling regions of Europe, the East, and North Africa—all while driving back the Mongol hordes.

Your cabal pulls the strings. Great kingdoms unwittingly do your bidding—their wars, Crusades, and revolts, they’re all part of your plan. But you’re not alone in such dark designs. Other cabals wage shadow wars of their own. And against you. Armies and navies, assassinations and papal schemes, heretics and spies, are all at your disposal. And don't forget the Plague.

Provinces will fall, along with entire kingdoms, as a host of cabals vie for control of the medieval world. But there’s a dark and dusty cloud rolling in from the east—the Mongols. They’ll trample your holdings and leave them in ashes, removing them from the game. The player who survives the onslaughts of rivals and Mongols with the most province victory points wins control of the medieval world (and the game).

Medieval is currently seeking $18,446 on KICKSTARTER between now and November 26 2017. At the time of this writing it has already blown past the funding goal and have several stretch goals already unlocked with more to come. Some stretch goals will extend the action to 2 players, 6 players, and solitaire too (for all my lonely gamer friends). Check it out today!

Medieval Kickstarter Spotlight Medieval Kickstarter Spotlight Reviewed by Dane Trimble on October 31, 2017 Rating: 5

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