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Kickstarter Recap - October 20, 2017


Fightlings: The Card Game
From: Thoughtfish
Ends: November 15, 2017
Goal: $11,799
Fightlings: The Card Game is a pair-matching game with turn-based combat. These two classic table game formulas are combined into a new gameplay style that rewards memory, strategy, and careful planning.
The box includes 136 cards divided into two factions:
Vitality (green; defense and attrition)
Solidity (orange; strength and sacrifice)
At the start of the game, players build decks of 17 cards each and place them in a 5x7 formation along with a single wild card. They then take turns performing combat actions and matching pairs to unlock new creatures and skills, in an attempt to reach one of several victory conditions.

Fightlings: The Card Game is on KICKSTARTER between now and November 15, 2017.


Mortals: Descent of the Gods
From: Partial Arc
Ends: November 21, 2017
Goal: $35,000

Mortals: Descent of the Gods is a cooperative battle-arena board game set in a museum in modern times. You and your friends play as Greek, Norse, and Egyptian gods that have been made Mortal by Death himself. Now, with the world coming to an end, you and your fellow once-gods are being called out of ambiguity to fight Death and unlock his secrets within the walls of this museum. Can you halt the engine of Earth's destruction? 

Mortals: Decent of the Gods is on KICKSTARTER between now and November 21, 2017.

Dane Trimble
Dave Merrell
Brody Sheard
Benjamin Kocher
Stephen Gulik
Alexa Chaplin
Nick Shipley
Nicholas Leeman
Delton Perez

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