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Kickstarter Recap - September 8, 2017


Scrooge The Board Game
From: Self Published
Ends: October 5, 2017
Goal: $19,395

The Mind-Blowing Survival Game - for families and fun loving adults all year round.
Take on the role of one of Dickens's famous characters in this fast-paced, roller-coaster survival adventure to redeem Scrooge. Powered by 5 innovative decks of cards and 18 unqiue street interactions, your challenge is to survive the journey through the 56 streets of Victorian London, battling against Scrooge and other scrooges to be the first player to successfully beat Scrooge in his Moment of Truth.
With multiple choices on every turn, you'll need to strategise and choose how your character moves and what streets you visit. Movement is controlled with dice (custom and standard D6), Ghost REPLACE Turn Cards and you hard earned gold. Influence outcomes with tactical card management...your choices can control the miserliness of Scrooge and future actions of others. Will you look to protect your own strength or weaken others?
Steal Ghost Cards and Trade Nightmares with diligence. Build strength through Turning Point activation or clever resource management. Collect gold through set collection or sneaky bluffing...But don’t let greed be your downfall…
Manage your board position carefully or discover how being in the lead increases your risk of being trapped by Scrooge’s tricks and villains. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to watch your back for other scrooges!
Tension builds as players reach the climatic final challenge, Scrooge's Moment of Truth. But are you ready? Are players holding back power cards? Or will fate turn you into a hero?
Deeply immersive, highly interactive and fiendishly funny. It’s a game for families, friends and fun-loving adults of all ages. It’s a challenge full of tricks and traps, ghosts and nightmares, Heroes & Villains. A game that will sharpen your mind and sharpen your wit!
With multiple strategies to victory…how you do it, is up to you!

Scrooge: The Board Game is on KICKSTARTER between now and October 5, 2017.

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Kickstarter Recap - September 8, 2017 Kickstarter Recap - September 8, 2017 Reviewed by Dane Trimble on September 08, 2017 Rating: 5

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