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Kickstarter Recap - September 1, 2017


Emergence: Dark Ops
From: Liminal Games
Ends:September 28, 2017

Emergence: Dark Ops is the standalone sequel to Emergence, the tabletop game that successfully raised $93,371 last year on Kickstarter. You will compete in a battle royale  format against one another. Players are tasked to retrieve data to their home base to either upgrade abilities for future use, or immediately score points and win. Each player is given a secret target player

Limit your target to the least amount of points and score massive bonus points – enough to carry you to victory. But be aware that other players will be attempting to sabotage you as well. You won't win Emergence by keeping to yourself. Forming soft alliances and timing your betrayal will allow you to gain an advantage and control the board.

One of the features in Emergence: Dark Ops is the inclusion of unique operatives that can be upgraded throughout the game. All operatives have the opportunity to upgrade the same abilities except for one main ability. Players will find that different ability combinations may be better suited for certain play styles or strategies.  

Emergence: Dark Ops is on KICKSTARTER between now and September 28, 2017.


Champions of Hara
From: Greenbrier Games
Ends: September 28, 2017
Goal: $20,000

Champions of Hara is an adventure board game in which 1-4 players race to protect a dying world. Players will contain destructive energy by defeating monsters, closing rifts, and exploring the six different zones within Hara. In order to rise to the challenge, players will need to unlock new abilities and collect powerful items. Each session takes approximately 30 minutes per player. 

 In versus mode, players will compete against one another in arena style combat. The winner is offered a powerful blessing by Hara’s stewards: a single wish to shape the future. However, wishes are no simple matter. In co-op mode, players will work together to overcome the fallout from the champion’s wish, facing off against corrupted foes and solving scenario based challenges.

Champions of Hara is on KICKSTARTER between now and September 28, 2017.


Castles & Dragons
From: El Fenix Games

Goal: $32,185

Castles & Dragons, from designer Marcin Malinowski and publisher El Fenix Games, is an fantasy board game that uses economic and area control mechanics. It is for 2-4 players, plays in 120-180 minutes and is recommended for ages 12 and up. El Fenix Games is seeking £25,000 in funding on KICKSTARTER which will go live September 1, 2017.

As a Lord you start Castles and Dragons defending one realm then as the game progresses you use your resources to conquer the rest of the world either by force or by uniting the people together. You will test your bargaining skills in a supply and demand market and create pacts with other Lords to make your way to the crown quicker. Later you will break alliances and destroy opponents by sending spies and troops into their lands. You will expand your kingdom by building villages and cities and protect them by raising castles and wizard towers. Every move you take influences the happiness of your people so be careful not to dissuade your subjects. When you have developed enough land you will be able to become a country, but if or when it falls to the ground your people will assassinate you. Will you accept the challenge?

Castles & Dragons is on KICKSTARTER now.

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