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Kickstarter Recap - August 4, 2017


Dawn of the Archmage
From: SolarFlare Games
Ends: August 30, 2017
Goal: $30,000

Dawn of the Archmage is small unit (miniatures) skirmish game for 2 to 4 players. Each player plays as a mage and represent a school of magic, summoning powerful monsters to the battlefield. Players participate in a gladitorial battle, where one mage will reign victorious, ascending to the title of Archmage.

Dawn of the Archmage takes place in the rich fantasy world of Archmage Origins.  In this world you were once the rulers of Sorcado and have fallen from power. Challengers arrive from every corner of the land to compete and to become the coveted archmage.

Each mage uses summoning powers to bring new and dangerous creatures to the battlefield. Expending massive mystical energy, their battle grows in frenetic power as monstrous beasts fight for the mages who control them, seeking to destroy all challengers in a magic-fueled frenzy.

Dawn of the Archmage is on KICKSTARTER between now and August 30, 2017.


Founders of Gloomhaven
From: Cephalofair Games
Ends: August 10, 2017
Goal: $50,000 - Funded

Founders of Gloomhaven is on KICKSTARTER between now and August 10, 2017.

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