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Kickstarter Recap - August 25, 2017


From: Alienplay Games
Ends: September 22, 2017
Goal: $20,000

Superbeings is a remake of the anime-styled Humaliens Trading Card Game released in 2003 by AEG with a new design and storyline from creator Rick Medina. Superbeings features a 6-Super Team concept of playing with multiple frontline attackers and multiple backline reinforcements with the objective to win by one of three ways: (1) knocking out your opponent's entire frontline, (2) knocking out a total of 5 Supers, or (3) knocking out 15 rank points worth of Supers. The game uses a variety of D6, D12 and D20 dice-rolling mechanics for establishing turn actions, attacks, and more.
In the Battle Universe, the Alliance Wars between Nlife (natural life made up of Humans and Aliens) and Alife (artifical life made up of Androids, Beasts and Clones) continues to rage on. Furthermore, Xlife (divine super creatures known as Xpets) have been summoned by the HA Masterbeings to intervene as Alife led by Andromeda will not stop until they control all worlds of Nlife. Superbeings from all corners of the universe have taken their sides; it's the rise of the Superbeings Battle Universe!
The traditional two-player heads-up game is the easiest to start with and is the preferred play style — but when the opportunity for a massive four-player game is called upon, there's an entirely different feel to the game!

Superbeings is on KICKSTARTER between now and September 22, 2017.


Death Path
From: Zlurpcast Studios
Ends: September 14, 2017
Goal: $10,000 

Death Path is on KICKSTARTER now.

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