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Monday, April 24, 2017

Sedis Review

Quick Look:

Designer: Neal Murthy
Publisher: Nefer Games

Year Published: 2017
No. of Players: 1 to 6
Ages: All
Playing Time: Varies

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WARNING: This is a preview of Sedis. All components and rules are prototype and subject to change.

Sedis is not so much a game as it is a game system - a series of geometric, carefully designed tiles that can be used in a number of ways, from playing familiar styles of games to making up your own!

Everything comes in a simple drawstring bag (the official version will look much nicer than mine).


The tiles in Sedis are the main attraction. They seem very similar to hexagonal dominoes, with each of the six sides having a unique number of pips (dots) and blanks, all in what appears at first to be a random order. In actuality, the placement of the pips and blanks are very specific and correlate to the locations of the pips and blanks on the other sides. There are ten variations among the sixty tiles.

It comes with all the tiles, as well as a handy booklet with information and some starting games.

The real question, though, is how to use the tiles. And the answer is quite simple: any way you'd like. They could be used to play an advanced form of dominoes, if you so chose, or they could even make for an impromptu game of checkers. The booklet that comes with the tiles includes a sampling of games; my favorite is Spokes, where you must move the tiles towards the center of the table by piling them atop one another, turning tiles, and collapsing rows. The most interesting mechanic of this game type is that you can only move a tile based on its pips; if a tile has pips in the second and fourth spots, for instance, you can only move it two or four spaces.

The variety of tiles can make games either challenging or frustrating, depending on your point of view.

This is perhaps the most interesting thing about the tiles; their design allows for a myriad of possibilities for your own games. Do the pips get added together for points? Do they represent movement? What if you can only play tiles whose pips match exactly, or that complement each other? You could even translate the pips and blanks into morse code for particularly challenging word games. Can tiles themselves be stacked, spun, or flipped? The possibilities are endless, and the booklet even includes helpful advice on making your own game modes.

Sometimes, games can get out of hand in the best way possible.

The Good:
Sedis gives you the tools to play a number of interesting games, and largely leaves the "what" and "how" in your hands. The tiles themselves are aesthetically pleasing, good quality, and their design and versatility make them more than just another game piece.

The Bad:
For those more into rules-heavy games with multiple components, Sedis can become stale fairly quickly. And while the prospect of creating your own games is very intriguing, they will likely end up boiling down to similar formats and rules - enjoyable, but similar nonetheless.

Final Thoughts:
A game system that's easy to learn, accessible to all ages, and fun to tinker with, Sedis can scratch that itch you've had for some time or become your new favorite pastime.

Players Who Like:
Anyone who enjoys fast-paced, open-ended games like Dominoes and Tenzi are sure to get a kick out of this.

I am giving Sedis 7 out of 10 super meeples.

7 10

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The Kickstarter campaign runs through May 26, 2017.

About the Author:
David Jensen has tried his hand at everything from warehouse work and washing dishes to delivering pizza. Now, he's trying his hand at writing creatively and working as an editor for a literary magazine. When he's not busy procrastinating, he's also playing tabletop game sessions with friends and family.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

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Dinner's At 4:30!
Runs April 15 - May 15, 2017
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Dinner's at 4:30 is a board game for 2 to 6 players set in an Assisted Living Home. As the clock begins to tick the elderly patrons in the home realize that it's almost dinner time and they are now on a mission. Get to the window seat! Use your guile, wisdom, and even dentures to get past the others in your way, because the best thing to go with Cabbage Rolls tonight will be the view.

Players each start in the same location and then choose their path to reach the cafeteria. You will use Attack, Boost, and Event cards to hinder the other players and help yourself along the way. Using Step cards moves you down the hallways, along with some other ways that are scientifically proven to make the elderly go faster. Of course we're talking about Tennis Balls on the bottom of a walker.

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